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Radisys Leverages ATCA and ATX Boards

Radisys addresses a number of embedded system areas. Two of its latest offerings are for ATCA and PC-style systems: JD35Q and QZ35Q ATX motherboards, and the ATCA-9100 media processing blade. The ATX motherboards are based on the Intel Q35 Express chipset integrated graphics, support for 8Gbytes of DDR2-800 memory, and plenty of USB 2.0 ports for external peripherals. It includes integrated DVI and S-Video interfaces plus on-board audio and support for external SATA drives. There are six SATA ports in addition to the external SATA port. An Ultra ATA100 interface can handle optical drives. The system has Phoenix’s TrustedCore BIOS. The boards have a pair of x16 PCI Express slots although the second has only an x4 interface. PCI Express boards automatically adapt to the number of lanes. There are 5 PCI slots as well. The ATCA-9100 media processing blade incorporates Texas Instruments (TI) multicore TMS320TNETV3020 DSPs that support the Telogy Software. The blade is targeted at telecommunications equipment manufacturers (TEMs) for applications like VoIP and is newest member of Radisys’ Promentum ATCA Media Resource Module family. The ATCA-9100 contains up to 20 TMS320TNETV3020 DSPs. Each DSP can handle over 200 channels of AMR. The blade is optimized to work with the 10-Gigabit RadiSys Promentum SYS-6010 ATCA platform. The blade and platform utilize Serial Rapid IO (SRIO). The ATCA-9100 has two mezzanine cards containing up to 10 DSPs. The TI TMS320TNETV3020 incorporates a 3GHz six-core DSP engine. Related Links Radisys

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