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Rambus Memory Sockets Deliver Peak Data Bandwidth

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The demand for higher-speed signal transmission and increased bandwidth in personal computers, workstations and servers are met by a line of RIMM socket connectors. For use with Direct Rambus memory modules, the 184-circuit, 1-mm-pitch RIMM socket connectors provide transmission speeds of 800 MHz and peak bandwidth of 1.6 GB/s. RIMM sockets and Direct Rambus memory modules are expected to replace DIMMs as a standard PC main-memory implementation by the end of year 2000 and to span multiple generations of DRAM devices. RIMM modules use standard RDRAM assemblies, which fit the same physical, power and thermal profiles of 100-MHz synchronous DRAM memory systems. The connectors feature gold plating for reliable performance, metal forklocks to secure connectors to the printed circuit board during soldering, and dual latches for easy module removal. In addition, their narrow profile allows for improved airflow within the system. The connectors are available in vertical through-hole styles.

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