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Rapid Development Kit Jump-Starts CompactPCI Applications

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Engineering teams can begin design and evaluation of next-generation carrier-grade applications using the firm's CompactPCI technology with its Rapid Development Kit, a complete package that enables users to tap the performance potential of CompactPCI technology. The kit consists of a CompactPCI chassis carrying either a SPARCengine CP 1500 or CP 1400 CompactPCI motherboard, a rear I/O transition card, and preloaded with the Solaris 7.0 operating environment to jump-start development. The chassis is fully integrated and offers extra slots to facilitate evaluation of third party cards for voice signal switching and processing.A limited one-year warranty is provided on the hardware included in the kit. Options include either a standard CompactPCI backplane or H.110 backplane and a 2-Mbyte CompactPCI graphics card.

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