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Raspberry Pi Accessories Provide USB Interface Options

0705EDEproductnewsFTDI-AFTDI has launched a debug cable and USB hub module intended for use alongside the Raspberry Pi (RPi) computing platform, the ultra-low-cost computer board aimed at inspiring youngsters to learn the fundamental principles of programming.

The TTL-232R-RPi USB-to-TTL Serial UART debug cabling solution incorporates the company’s FT232RQ high-performance interface IC. The 1-meter cable can be used to connect the RPi to a PC to perform in-depth analysis of the software being developed. It connects directly to the RPi’s serial port, which outputs kernel debug messages to be acquired by the PC.

The FT232RQ USB-to-Serial UART interface IC within the TTL-232R-RPi cable provides a USB to asynchronous serial data transfer path capable of supporting data rates from 300 bits/s to 3 Mbits/s at 3.3-V transistor-transistor logic (TTL) levels. The chip handles all the USB signalling and protocol requirements.

The RPi USB Hub Module is designed to expand the number of interfaces that can be accessed downstream from a host. It uses a USB-to-UART/MPSSE IC, along with a GL850G USB hub controller IC, to provide up to four downstream USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (480 Mbits/s) ports. The module measures 33.45 by 65 mm.


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