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Reconfigurable CompactPCI Cards Process At 2 Gsamples/s In Real Time

Two CompactPCI plug-in card analyzers, which come in a 6U form factor, perform real-time synchronous signal processing at up to 2 Gsamples/s. The AC240 dual-channel and AC210 single-channel analyzers offer a reconfigurable data-processing unit (a Vertex II FPGA) that can execute 5-ns multiplications thanks to 74,000 logic cells, 328 dedicated 18- by 18-bit multipliers with 32-bit results, and 7 Mbits of memory. This suits the analyzers for radar signal processing, mass and millimeter spectrometry, acoustic microscopy, and interferometer signal processing. Each has a 1-GHz analog bandwidth per channel.

Designed by Acqiris, each card features calibrated gain and offset ranges. Users who need proprietary processing algorithms on digital data can take advantage of an available firmware development kit that defines the architecture and provides the basic framework for programming the data-processing unit. Several front-panel digital I/O connectors offer extended real-time control of the digital processing unit—two connectors for direct control and one for a third analog output signal from a 16-bit on-board digital-to-analog converter (DAC).

Control over the trigger and time base is even more flexible thanks to four multimedia-extension (MMX) connectors, which make it possible to use an external clock or a 10-MHz reference signal, a trigger output, and two additional I/O digital control lines (A&B). The two control lines can be employed to monitor or modify the platforms' status and configuration or act as a built-in 10-MHz source.

Pricing starts at $18,990. Delivery starts next month.

(877) 227-4747

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