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Reference Design Simplifies DC-DC Conversion

The RD278 synchronous buck regulator reference design from Fairchild Semiconductor makes it easier for designers of telecom, servers, set-top boxes, and other consumer applications to develop a more efficient and compact solution, according to the company. It features the FAN21SV06, a single-supply, highly integrated 6-A synchronous buck solution that enables designers to reach high levels of efficiency in less space, Fairchild says. In fact, the RD278 provides up to 95% efficiency depending on the input and output conditions and operates over a wide input voltage range from 8 to 20 V.

The FAN21SV06 can be configured to operate in master or slave mode. In slave mode, the regulator accepts external synchronizing signals and synchronizes the output switching frequency with the input signal. The output voltage, switching frequency, and current limit functions on this design can be reconfigured to suit the application by changing few components. Furthermore, the FAN21SV06 integrates a controller, driver, and optimized power MOSFETs in a 5- by 6-mm micro lead-frame package (MLP). With its 6.5- to 24-V operating range, it can easily generate various system-level voltage rails. Its regulator can be enabled separately for power-sequencing in point-of-load (POL) applications.

The RD278 reference design is available at www.fairchildsemi.com/support/referencedesign/index.html. The TinyBuck FAN21SV06 evaluation board (FEB278) is available as well.

Fairchild Semiconductor


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