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Reference Design Speeds Motor-Control Development

Working as NXP’s European Application Design Center, Hitex has developed the NXP Motor Control Board reference design for the LPC29xx. The design is well-suited for the initial steps in the development of sophisticated motor-control applications. Designed to implement brushless dc motor control, the transparent platform provides rapid access to the peripherals. Developers can use the reference platform to define their own specific solution. The board can be connected to a brushless dc motor or, alternatively, a bipolar stepper motor. A key feature is the user interface, which visualizes the effects of parameter changes and thus allows developers to optimize the motor’s behavior. Besides the hardware, the design includes schematics and application examples running with Hitex’s LPC2919 or LPC2929 starter kit. All examples include the source code and can be easily modified. In addition to the electrical commutation, the brushless dc motor example includes a flexible PID regulator for the control of the motor’s speed or current. HITEX DEVELOPMENT TOOLS, Irvine, CA. (800) 454-4839.


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