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Reference Kit Simplifies Design Of Complex Audio Systems

Cirrus Logic Inc. has developed a reference design kit for a general-purpose, multi-zone intercom, paging, and background music system. The kit harnesses the Stardraw Control tool, which allows audio consultants, integrators, and installers to more easily design CobraNet audio networks with custom user interfaces. The design is demonstrated using the CobraCom network-powered CobraNet hardware platform. Stardraw Control, from Stardraw.com Ltd., offers a drag-drop interface and an intuitive design environment that permits users to configure systems and control them without having to write any code. The tool supports many protocols, including TCP/IP, RS-232, InfraRed, and CobraNet. It can control any other networked device that may be included in the system.

The reference design provides a typical basestation and system-initialization user interface, enabling the integrator to customize the system and user interfaces to meet the requirements of the end user. Stardraw Control with Cirrus Logic’s CobraCom Reference Platform, a complete, board-level design kit, demonstrates the simplicity of implementing network-powered CobraNet digital audio devices. The board includes one RJ45 connector for a CobraNet/Power-Over-Ethernet connection, one mic-level input, one 15-W speaker-level output, and RS-232 and GPIO connectors. Onboard processing includes one Cirrus Logic CS496102 CobraNet interface and 32-bit DSP, and one CS4265 Audio Codec and Audio Interface.


Stardraw Control is available at www.stardraw.com.


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Visit www.cobranet.info.

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