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Reference Platform Helps OEMs Add Web Features To Consumer Products

A collaboration between Marvell and Chumby will help OEMs add cost-effective, interactive Internet features to their digital consumer devices. Leveraging Marvell's 1-GHz PXA168 processor and 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi chipset with over 1000 chumby widgets allows OEMs to offer consumers Internet-connected devices. The widget applications, announced at CES 2009, come in 30 different categories ranging from news and entertainment to video, music, and sports.

As the first initiative of this collaboration, the two companies have created a reference platform for converged consumer devices. When a device such as a digital photo frame is based on this platform, users will not only be able to view and share photos, but they will also be able to access their favorite parts of the Internet to create a personalized experience. That experience may include receiving RSS news feeds, watching videos, accessing social networking sites, listening to Internet radio, or playing games. The new reference platform was demonstrated at CES 2009 last week.

The Marvell PXA168 is based on an innovative architecture that is designed to deliver the processing capabilities of an entry-level laptop to instant-on devices, enabling full-featured web surfing, instant Internet widgets, multi-format video, Adobe Flash Lite-based content playback, image processing, video conferencing, and fast graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Moreover, the processor runs on ultra-low power for longer battery life. The numerous devices that can be powered by the Marvell PXA168 include portable navigation devices, portable media players, automotive dashboard displays and infotainment systems, home automation, portable TVs, digital signage, and other devices that utilize Internet connectivity, media processing, and touchscreen interfaces.

Marvell Technology Group Ltd.


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