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Reflective Sensor Delivers 250 nm Resolution

A new non-contact laser-based industrial gauging sensor has been designed with a 250 nm resolution over a 1 mm measurement range and is capable of measuring surfaces ranging from perfect mirrors to silicon wafers and other reflective materials. The Class II Selcom SLS 7000 sensor employs specular reflective triangulation measurement principles. A small 10µ to 20µ visible laser spot enables profiling of intricate target structures such as miniscule cracks and grooves. The sensor has a built-in digital processor for data averaging and filtering. This processor is contained in a separate controller unit and easily interfaces with the sensor head. An internal feedback loop automatically compensates for differences in detected light intensity due to the objects’ color and texture by varying power to the laser diode. Standoff distance is 15 mm and triangulation angle is 86° at standoff. The sensor weighs 750g and has dimensions of 120 mm x 95 mm x 40 mm. Useful for quality control of chipboards, motherboards, or semi-conductors, the SLS 7000 claims to achieve excellent suppression of speckle noise and target structure influences. Other applications include quantifying surface roughness of any highly reflective material such as precision measurement of lenses, circuitry or mirror finishes. LMI ELECTRONICS, Southfield, MI. (248) 359-2409.


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