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Relay Outputs And Opto-Isolated Inputs Accompany PCI Card

Developed for use in PCI bus computers, the PCI-IIRO-8 compact expansion board features eight electromechanical relay (EMR) outputs and eight optically-isolated, non-polarized digital inputs, with the latter capable of being driven by either ac or dc with voltages ranging from 5V to 24V and frequency as high as 1 kHz. The card’s 500V isolation rating is said to allow smooth data communications flow even in noisy environments. Each input circuit includes a switchable slow/fast filter with a 10-ms time constant (20 ms without filtering), which can be individually controlled on the card or globally controlled via software. The eight UL- and CSA-approved EMR outputs include five latching Form C SPDT and three Form A SPST outputs that are de-energized at system power-up to prevent an accidental control output signal. And the plug-and-play digital I/O card is automatically detected under Windows 95/98/NT and eliminates setting base addresses or IRQ switches. The PCI-IIRO-8 card costs $239 each.


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