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Relays Target High-Voltage Switching Applications

Different mounting and terminating options to suit most high-voltage switching applications are offered by an extended range of pc board mount, high-voltage reed relays. The generic 60-mm relay family can either be soldered to a pc board with traditional through-hole pin connections, or bolted to a panel using integral nylon studs. An additional pc board mountable device with internally connected flying leads is available for applications where maximum physical isolation between the coil and contact circuitry is required. Capable of withstanding up to 15 kV dc and carrying currents up to 6A , the devices are available with normally open and closed reed switch configurations. The contact options offered are either low resistance rhodium (typically 10 milliohms) or high-power tungsten for switching loads up to 50W at full rated life. Applications include cable and transformer testers and high-voltage power supplies.


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