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Release 12 Of Computational Software Family Touts Gaggle Of New Features

Release 12 of this family of technical computing software launches major new versions of MATLAB and Simulink, both flagship products of the family. It also introduces upgrades of 60 application-specific companion products. The latest version of MATLAB, v6, boasts a new visual interface for desktops and a portfolio of integrated tools, with the former said to provide easy, intuitive access to MATLAB's powerful math, analysis, visualization and programming capabilities and the latter simplifying tasks such as importing data and performing quick analyses. Version 6 also brings new levels of optimization to MATLAB's core matrix computing and signal processing engines, provides access to hardware devices and Java directly from the computing software, and through its new Instrument Control Toolbox lets users communicate with instruments via GPIB and VISA protocols.
The new version of Simulink, v4, also offers a gaggle of new features. Among them are frame-based simulation support, faster loading of libraries, a new configurable subsystem block, and increased efficiency in memory usage, all supporting large-scale modeling for controls, DSP and communications system design.
Other Release 12 new features include the Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder for producing optimized code for embedded control apps and a Developer's Kit for Texas Instruments' DSP chips. The kit revs up embedded DSP development by enabling Simulink diagrams to be converted directly to TI's EVM C6701 board. Release 12 works with Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and UNIX and Linux. Its prices are posted on the firm's web site.


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