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Resettable Fuse Makes Soldering A Snap

A more cost efficient, polymer-based PTC fuse, the surface mount PFMD series can handle solder better than previous versions. Slightly wider end caps increase the solder area, which makes for a stronger solder connection. And the "flip chip" design facilitates mounting on either side. Maximum trip time for the PFMD is just 20 ms at 8 A. This fast trip time offers protection in applications such as PC motherboards, mobile phones, and test equipment. Measuring a mere 3.0 by 2.35 mm, the PTC is available in ratings between 0.2A and 1.1A, with interrrupt ratings of 40A, and 6V to 30V. Terminal pad solderability meets EIA specifications. Price of each PFMD is $.25/1.5K.


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