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Resettable SMT Fuses Claim IndustryÕs Smallest Footprint

Targeting a wide range of electronic products, including computer motherboards, USB hubs and ports, CD/DVD drives, datacomm equipment, and a host of portable, battery-powered devices, the Polyfuse surface-mount, positive polymeric temperature coefficient (PPTC) fuses feature low voltage drops, fast trip times, and resettability. Occupying just 2.2 mm x 1.5 mm of space, the SMD0805, reportedly having the industryÕs smallest footprint for such devices, offers four hold current ratings from 100 to 500 mA with a current interruption capability of 40A at rated a voltage from 6V to 15V. The tiny SMD1206 is rated at 6V and 350 mA to 1.50A; the low-resistance SMD1210 is 6V to 30V at 50 mA to 1.50A ratings; the SMD1812 is rated at 6V to 30V and 100 mA to 2.60A; and the SMD2920 carries 6V to 60V at 300 mA to 3A ratings. All ratings offered comply with the UL 1950 ITE standard, which requires that the maximum current available to the connector must be limited to 8A in less than 60 seconds. The fuses are shipped on blister-type tapes-and-reels per the EIA-481 specification. Quantities per reel vary according to chip size. Unit pricing for the Polyfuses starts at $0.14 each in OEM quantities. For additional information, contact Tim Boldt at WICKMANN USA INC., Atlanta, GA. (800) 553-7894.

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