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Resistor Array Saves Board Space Over Discretes

Packaged in 1606 case size, this new resistor array takes up much less space than discrete resistors. And they offer low inductance, excellent high-frequency behavior, and high power dissipation of up to 1/16W (equivalent to a 0603 discrete resistor). The eight-resistor array has a footprint that is 75% of that occupied by eight 0402 discrete resistors. Termination pitch is 0.5 mm, which is compatible with modern ICs. Resistance values range from 10 ohms to 1 Megaohm. Applications are interface networks on data and address bus lines, damping circuits and pull-up/pull-down networks.

Company: PHILIPS ADVANCED CERAMICS & MODULES (AC&M) - Marketing Communications

Product URL: Click here for more information

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