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Resistor Arrays Save Space

By integrating four size 0402 resistors in a single 0804 surface-mount package, this new series of space-saving resistor arrays offers equipment manufacturers advantages over discrete chips, including reduced board usage, easier assembly and simplified logistics. Housed in a rugged 0.5-mm thick 8-pin package containing four electrically-isolated 0402 resistor chips, the arrays occupy only about half the board area of four equivalent discrete 0402 chips. The arrays also help to reduce assembly costs and simplify component management. In a typical application, a network based on the arrays can reportedly provide cost savings of up to 40% over one based on discrete chips. Other benefits include low parasitic inductance and high power dissipation of up to 1/16W at 50V. Applications include handheld and desktop PCs, mobile phones and digital consumer equipment. The arrays are available in resistances from 10 ohms to 1 Megaohm with 5% tolerance and a maximum operating voltage of 50V.

Company: PHILIPS ADVANCED CERAMICS & MODULES (AC&M) - Marketing Communications

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