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RF Detector Measures Signals To 2.5 GHz

Boasting of a 65-dB dynamic range and ±1 dB accuracy, the AD8313 2.5-GHz RF detector directly converts high frequency modulated RF signal envelopes into accurate, temperature-stable dc signals. The RF envelope of the input waveform, typically a modulated signal, is detected and amplified in a linear approximation to the logarithmic function. The output is a dc signal representing the logarithm of the input signal envelope. Because the log amp is detecting (rectifying) in nature, it eliminates the need for down-conversion, saving the designer several components and board space. The device is well-suited for high-frequency/RF transmitter measurement and control applications, such as wireless local loop, base-station and radio links, communications instrumentation, avionics, satellite, and military.


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