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RF LDMOS Devices Come Housed In Low-Cost Plastic

Designed to significantly lower the cost of GSM 900-MHz products, these RF LDMOS high-voltage devices come housed in a plastic package called PRFP-1 that's said to dramatically lower GSM 900-MHz amplifier costs. The new product line-up consists of the MRFIC5001 10W RF LDMOS IC driving two 45W RF LDMOS MRF9045P transistors. A reference design that includes thermal compensation produces 70W of GSM power in the 925- to 960-MHz band on a Rogers 4350 industry-standard pc-board substrate. The MRFIC5001 offers 26 dB gain in a surface-mount PFP-16 plastic package, while the MRF9045P discrete transistor, which is designed for resistance against hot-carrier injection effects, comes packaged in the PRFP-1 plastic package.


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