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RF Relays Consume Only 100 To 200 mW

A series of four RF relays features small size and low power consumption. The G6Z, G6Y, and G6W consume only 200 mW, while the G6K-RF consumes only 100 mW. Each relay also provides good isolation characteristics. At 1 GHz, isolation is 20 dB for the G6K-RF and 60 dB for the G6Y. At 2.5 GHz, isolation measures 30 dB for the G6Z and 60 dB for the G6W. The G6Z's characteristic impedance allows it to work at both 50 and 75 Ω. Reverse contact versions are available with the G6Z and G6W, reducing the need for extra tracings on the board. Both parts are surface-mount and pc-board through-hole mountable. The G6Y is pc-board through-hole mountable, and the G6K-RF is available in a surface-mount configuration. All of the relays are available from stock. The G6Y and G6Z cost $1.50 each in 10,000-unit quantities. The G6K-RF costs $10 in 10,000-unit quantities, while the G6W costs $50 in similar quantities.

Omron Electronics LLC
www.info.omron.com; (800) 55-OMRON

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