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RF Socket Shortens Signal Path To 0.008 in.

The high-frequency Interposer RF socket provides a signal path as short as 0.008 in. for testing of ball-grid arrays or chip-scale packages. Its ability to work at frequencies of 10 GHz and higher complements the company's Microstrip Contact system. The socket's dielectric material contains etched pads on both the top and bottom, enabling the signal path to be kept short and the loadboard footprint to match the package pad location. The part provides a long lifecycle as well as a pressure-mount plunge-to-board interposer. It's available in multiple package configurations, including MLF, QFN, BGA, MSOP, QSOP, QFP, and LGA. Pitches are available down to 0.3 mm, and signal path lengths range from 0.008 to 0.015 in. The Interposer contacts have a low self-inductance of 0.1 nH and a resistance of less than 20 mΩ. The socket works up to 150°C. Pricing starts at $2780 per unit with a delivery time of six weeks ARO.

Aries Electronics Inc.
www.arieselec.com; (908) 996-6841

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