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RF Test Sockets Employ Spring-Loaded Lids

New radio frequency test sockets with spring-loaded lids are said to provide more consistent lead pressure on every socket. Also, precise pressure requirements can be met with mix-and-match springs as low as 1/2 lb. up to over 25 lb. Each socket comes with a floating lead-backer built into every lid to ensure precise pressure on every lead. The device can be used throughout RF/microwave, automated handling and burn-in/life testing applications.In addition, each socket is equipped with the companyÕs Microstrip Contacts. These can be used for any pitch device up to 208 leads and feature a low dielectric strip that holds the contacts in place for accurate lead placement. This unique contact system becomes part of the pc board microstrip during device testing. Life cycles for the socketsÕ Microstrip Contacts are typically greater than 500,000 insertions, with no loss of performance, the company says. Pricing for the RF test sockets with spring-loaded lids starts at $2,553 for one piece with 48 leads or less. ARIES ELECTRONICS INC., Frenchtown, NJ. (908) 996-6841.


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