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RGB Video Digitizer BoardFills DSP Mezzanine Slots

The Datacell PMC/SNP-24 is a single-slot video-capture board designed for use with the company's range of C6000-, C4x- and SHARC-based DSP boards equipped with PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card) compliant sites. The Snapper imaging module has applications in security and machine vision systems, as well as industrial inspection using multiple-area scan or slow-scan cameras. The RGB frame grabber module can be used for acquisition of standard CCIR or EIA video as well.Image digitization is performed in real time, thus providing frame rates of 25 for CCIR video and 30 for EIA. The module can accept multiple camera inputs, offering software selection between four RGB color cameras or 12 monochrome cameras. Multiplexed inputs are digitized by means of three 8-bit A/D converters, each of which feeds an 8-bit lookup table. Images are stored in the module's 1.5 Mbytes of on-board frame memory.


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