Rhea µClinux Supports New Reference Board

Rhea µClinux Supports New Reference Board

Kirchheim/Teck-Nabern, Germany: A SmartPulse IP gateway reference design launched by Dialog Semiconductor enables SmartPulse and other DECT ULE home-automation wireless-sensor/actuator products to connect to the Web for remote management via smartphones, laptops, and tablet PCs. The reference design integrates the company’s SmartPulse SC14CVMDECT wireless basestation device and SC14452 VoIP application host processor with 32MB of flash memory, 16MB SDRAM, an Ethernet PHY, and Ethernet transformer.

Dialog’s Rhea µClinux software development environment supports the 60-by-100mm reference board, which incorporates web servers, TCP/IP stack, and SSH server. The reference design includes two example sensor application boards that automatically connect with the IP gateway reference design. They make it possible to test Web control systems for SmartPulse-enabled products.

Dialog also announced development kits for its SmartPulse DECT ULE sensors (SC14WSMDATA, SC14WSMDECT) and basestation (SC14CVMDECT) devices. The kits contain both devices and software, which help make it easier to create SmartPulse-based systems such as wireless-controlled door locks, smoke alarms, light switches, home appliances, and personal-security and health-care systems.

Dialog Semiconductor

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