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Ribbon Connector Cuts Assembly Costs

A novel insulation displacement connector (IDC) for terminating discrete wires or multiconductor ribbon cables also cuts assembly costs. Ranoda Electronics' EECOM-IDC uses the company's EECOM connector technology on the circuit-board (bottom) side to eliminate the need for female receptacles. This slashes parts count, cost of labor, and assembly time for electronic devices like home appliances, office equipment, industrial controls, telecom products, and automobiles.

The part uses a simple plastic assembly to terminate discrete wires and ribbon cables of up to 40 wires on 0.050-in. (1.27-mm) centers to pc boards via plated through-holes without the need for a second female connector. On the top side, a simple hand tool terminates a ribbon cable to its connector in just 10 seconds. Only another 5 seconds is needed to mate the entire assembly to its circuit board.

In operation, the top side of the EECOM-IDC uses a V-shaped knife contact to terminate the ribbon cable. The hand tool forces the wire into the wedge, displacing its insulation as it enters the gap. The wire strands force the jaws apart, making a secure connection on both sides of the wire, which is held captive by the IDC contact.

The contact resistance is 10 mΩ or less, the contact voltage rating is 250 V ac minimum, and the per-line current rating is 1 A. Also, the insulation resistance is 500 MΩ minimum, and the dielectric withstanding voltage is 1500 V ac for 1 minute. The top and bottom contacts are tin-lead plated over a copper alloy. And, the pin mate-demate lifetime is specified at 500 cycles for the bottom EECOM pins.

Pricing of the EECOM-IDC depends on quantity. Delivery is within two to four weeks.

Ranoda Electronics Inc., 704 West Highway 131, Clarksville, IN 47129; (812) 945-2280; www.ranoda.com.

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