Electronic Design

Right-Angle 3-mm PC-Board LEDs Provide Affordable Performance

Low-cost applications that require precise alignment of status indicators can look to a new series of right-angle 3-mm pc-board LED indicators. These indicators come in bi-, tri-, and quad-level forms from single-column to four-column configurations. Diffused lenses are standard. Single-colored LEDs come in high-efficiency red, high-efficiency green, and yellow. Bi-colored combinations come in high-efficiency red/high-efficiency green and yellow/high-efficiency green. Average LED life is 11 years. Depending on LED color and pc-board package size, indicators cost from $0.39 to $6.16 each for lots of 1000 units. Availability is stock to four to six weeks for special requirements.

LEDtronics Inc.
www.ledtronics.com; (800) 579-4875

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