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Right Angle Tactile Switch Provides Added Design Variations

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Created to accommodate more design flexibility, a high-operating, low-profile right-angle-mount tactile switch has a special bracket for right angle mounting. The tiny 10 mm JB Series switch also allows for design variations with a choice of higher operating force vs. standard operating force. To ensure crisp feedback, the switch is equipped with a dome contact boasting high reliability and a long life with up to 5 million operations. Rubber seal construction and molded-in terminals permit the switch to withstand automated soldering and washing and also prevent contact contamination. The terminal spacing conforms to a standard 0.1'' PC board grid. The JB right angle tactile switch has a maximum power level of 125 mA at 24 Vdc. The actuator, constructed of glass fiber-reinforced polyester, is available as a flat blue button or with a flat snap-on cap.

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