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RJ45/Dual USB Connector Module Saves PC-Board Space

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A new addition to the PulseJack product line, the RJ45/dual USB modular jack series with integrated magnetics is designed to bring both electrical efficiency and space-saving benefits to LAN-on-motherboard PC applications. The integration and miniaturization of this device reduces both the pc-board space needed on ATX motherboards and the component count, improving the cost efficiencies of desktop PCs. A through-hole integrated connector module, it combines a single RJ45 tab-up with two USB 2.0 compliant connector ports and is designed to support 10/100 Base-TX LAN-on-motherboard interfaces. Like the rest of the PulseJack line, the new connector has internal magnetics, so the metal shield of the connector can act like a Faraday cage, further protecting the system from external noise. Connector ports come in either six- or eight-pin configurations. Pricing starts at $3 each/10,000. PULSE, San Diego, CA. (858) 674-8100.

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