Electronic Design

RMI Processor In Allot Service Gateway

Allot Communications picked Raza Microelectronics' (RMI) multi-core multi-threaded XLR Processor for the Allot Service Gateway, the industry's first open, standards-based broadband services platform based on Layer-7 DPI. It is based on an AdvancedTCA-compliant chassis with modular, hot-swappable DPI blades. A single platform provides four 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, that manage two 10 Gigabit Ethernet lines, supporting more than 20Gbps of traffic. "Allot searched for a cutting-edge processor that can handle DPI processing requirements in a multi-10Gbps environment," Roni Keynan, director of engineering at Allot Communications, said in a statement. "RMI's XLR processor was chosen as it helped us achieve our challenging design goals by using their well-balanced architecture." The XLR Processor is offered as a complete family of pin-compatible processors spanning performance and bandwidth to enable multiple applications with a single board design.

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