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Rocker Switch And Panel Indicators Now Meet IP67 Requirements

Enlarging the company’s range of rocker switches is an IP67 panel-sealed version that promises to maintain sealing characteristics of the equipment without the use of external covers. Rated at 16(6)A, 250Vac T125, the single pole switch is available in non-illuminated or LED illuminated versions, both of which carry ENEC approval. Its L-body profile employs a 30 mm x 11mm panel cut-out with snap-to panel fixing, supporting 1 mm to 3 mm panels and comes with a panel gasket. Enhancing Arcolectric's family of indicators IP54 indicators and IP66 LED holders, versions of some of the more popular indicators are now available with panel sealing to IP67. Seven styles are on board, all of which have screw-to-panel fixing and chrome-bezel styling. There is a choice of illumination with mains LED, dc LED, and neon or filament lamps. Alternative lens colors include red, green, blue, amber, and clear while the LEDs are available in red, green, yellow, blue, and white. Panel-mounting holes include 6.3-, 7.1-, 10-, 12.7-, and 19-mm diameters and a range of terminations including wire, 2.8-, 4.8-, and 6.3mm fasten terminals are also available. ELEKTRON COMPONENTS CORP., Thousand Palms, CA. (760) 343-3650.


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