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Portable XRF Analyzer Determines RoHS Compliance

The NITON XLt 797X portable analyzer achieves what is said to be a significantly smaller sample analysis capability than other portable x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers. It employs proprietary miniature x-ray tube technology plus an internal color video camera. Via small-spot focus technology, it rapidly identifies and analyzes individual electronic components for RoHS compliance that normally require benchtop equipment. The company's small-sample measurement technology allows users to isolate and analyze solder joints and small components on populated printed circuit boards as well as other heterogeneous materials.
For more details, call THERMO ELECTRON CORP., Billerica, MA. (800) 875-1578.

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Step-Down Transformers Are Euro Ready

Offering what may be the industry's widest range of lead configurations, the company's line of RoHS-compliant, isolated step-down transformers are available with lead wires, terminal blocks, lead screws, and other configurations to suit specific apps. Models with ratings from 0.025 kVA through 5.0 kVA are available in UL/ CUL recognized and listed configurations. The UL-recognized models provide Class 130 insulation systems while the listed models feature UL Class 180 insulation. All models specify 240V/480V, 50/60-Hz primary windings with an optional 208V tap. Dual 120/240 V secondary windings are standard. An optional electrostatic safety shield is also available as well as IEC-, EN-, and CE-compliant designs.
FOSTER TRANSFORMER, Cincinnati, OH. (800) 963-9799.

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Processor Modules Deliver RoHS Compliance

Groomed for embedded Java applications, the company's processor modules, based on its TINI compatible SNAP module, now come in RoHS-compliant versions. The products find employment in medical devices, industrial terminals, security systems, and other networked applications where connectivity, physical size, and Java performance is key. The modules combine hardware and software to create an efficient platform for program development and execution. With Ethernet, a TCP/IP stack, and a variety of other serial channels, the platform offers protocol conversion and compatibility with the TINI standard. A full and Sun Microsystems certified Java ME–CLDC implementation runs in the IM1000 processor on the module. Available with 2 to 8 MB of, price is $128 for the 4-MB version.
IMSYS TECHNOLOGIES, Sunnyvale, CA. (877) 775-1627.

SPDT Handles High Frequencies Lead Free

The MASW-007107 dc-to-8 GHz, SPDT RoHS-compliant switch targets spacerestricted applications requiring low insertion loss and fast settling times. The component, in a 2-mm, 8-lead PQFN package, achieves a completely settled state within 10 µs. Operating at 5V, it handles up to 27 dBm of output power with an EVM of less than 2% for OFDM, 64 QAM 54-Mb/s signals. The associated linear output power at 3.3V is 21 dBm. Price is $0.31 each/10,000.
M/A-COM INC., Lowell, MA. (800) 366-2266.

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