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Rotary Coded Switch Touts Side Settings

Two new low-profile rotary coded switches have been designed with settings on their side. Models SA-7xx2 and SA-7xx3 SMD rotary switches are fully compatible with RoHS/WEEE. These models have a thickness of 3.6 mm with support terminals either in front or on the side for sure adhesion on the pc board. All SA-7000 switches come with BCD and BCH in either real or complementary code. The shape of the rotor is selectable from flat with either – or + screw driver slot or extended knob. With enhanced digits visibility, the switches are suited for use in F.A. equipment such as PLC motor controllers. Operating temperature ranges from –25°C to +70°C. Contact rating is DC 50V at 100 mA non-switching, dc 5V at 100 mA switching, and dc 20 mV µA minimum. Contact resistance is 100 mΩ, and durability is 10,000 steps. For pricing, call NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS GmbH, Eschborn, Germany. +49-61-96-92775-0


Product URL: Click here for more information

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