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Rotary Switch And Pot Share Same Housing

By combining in a single package both a rotary switch and potentiometer, the SW44212 occupies a smaller panel or pc board footprint than when using the components separately. Suited for use in aircraft, medical, industrial and portable instrumentation, the two-in-one unit measures 0.52" x 0.52" x 0.655" and has a threaded mounting bushing, with the switch's terminations located at the rear of the housing and the pot's terminals located at the base of the integral center module. The non-illuminated switch provides a tactile click for assured on/off contact, has a rotational life of 50,000 cycles (min.), comes in three shaft lengths - 0.500", 0.875" and 2.500" - and meets IP67 specs. Operating temperature range is -55°C to +125°C. The potentiometer has a conductive plastic or cermet resistive element, with the former providing resistance values from 10 to 500 kilohms, with an electrical travel of 270° ±10°. The unit is rated for 30 Vdc or 115 Vac, 2A resistive, 0.5A conductive. ELECTRO-MECH COMPONENTS INC., South El Monte, CA. (888) 442-7180.


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