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Rotary Switch Boasts 250,000-Cycle Life

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An unprecedented minimum life span of 250,000 cycles while switching zero to 50 mA is claimed for the EF Series microminiature rotary switches. The devices can be pc board mounted by plugging them into avionics boards, or can be supplied with solder terminations. The compact units are compatible with most avionics' board footprints and can be adapted to fit most custom boards.The switches are designed to meet or exceed the environmental requirements of MIL-S-3786. They'll carry continuous currents of 3A at 28 vdc and a make-or-break current of 50 mA at 28 vdc. Models are offered with concentric shafts, a wide variety of coded outputs, and 30°, 36°, 45°, 60° and 90° indexing.

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