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RS-232 Transceiver Is ±15-kV ESD-Protected

A full-featured universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (UART) with a ±15-kV ESD-protected RS-232 dual transceiver and integrated charge pump capacitors, MAX3110E/MAX3111E comes in a 28-pin SOP. To save board space and I/O pins, this device has a SPI/MICROWIRE-compatible serial interface. A proprietary low-dropout output stage allows the two-driver/two-receiver interface to deliver true RS-232 performance down to VCC = 3V (4.5V for MAX3110E) while consuming only 600 mA. The receivers remain active in a hardware/software invoked shutdown mode to allow external devices to be monitored while consuming 10 mA. Each device operates up to 230 kbps while maintaining true EIA/TIA-232 output voltage levels.


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