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RS-232 Transceiver Speeds Datacom Apps

Data rates of 250 kbps are said to be achieved with minimal power consumption with the SP3238, 3V, 5-driver, 3-receiver, RS-232 transceiver that delivers compliant RS-232 performance when fully loaded. The chip's single power supply solution is suited for battery-powered, handheld applications requiring faster data rates, such as cell phones, notebook PCs and PDAs.
The device features on-board charge pump circuitry that generates compliant ±5.5V RS-232 voltage levels from a single 3V to ±5.5V power supply. This allows manufacturers of handhelds to use standard 3.3V supply buses to drive their serial ports and still meet EIA/TIA232-F standard requirements. Pricing starts at $2.97 each/10,000.

Company: SIPEX CORP. - Sales Department

Product URL: Click here for more information

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