Electronic Design

Rugged ATR-Short Chassis Handles Eight 6U Modules

The E120 (see figure) can withstand extreme altitude, temperature, moisture, shock, vibration, EMI/RFI, and chemical exposure. This rugged, eight-slot, 3/4 ATR-Short chassis accommodates up to eight standard conduction-cooled 6U by 160-mm ANSI/IEEE 1101.2-1992 VMEbus or ANSI/VITA 30.1 CompactPCI modules, which are environmentally sealed within the chassis. It's well suited for aerospace and military environments, including ground vehicles and advanced tactical and strategic platforms.

The front panel features a flexible configuration of user-defined 38999-style connectors that conform to military standards—one for input power and the rest for I/O. Optional features include an elapsed-time meter, an LED indicator to track system operation, and an on/off switch or circuit breaker.

Two sealed, side-mounted heat exchangers supply external forced-air cooling, while the vehicle's environmental control system or an optional 28-V dc or 115-V ac fan supplies the cooling air. Design elements such as metal-to-metal clamping with conductive surfaces and fasteners with high-conductivity O-ring seals, filtered and screened power lines, and a shielded power-supply module all minimize EMI/RFI.

Aitech Defense Systems

A liquid-cooled 1-ATR chassis that targets applications using high-power conduction-cooled boards can handle 100 W per slot. The top-load 1-ATR short from Hybricon Corp. comes standard with a nine-slot VITA 41 VXS or VME64x backplane and one power supply. It also comes in a high-power configuration with an eight-slot VITA 41 VXS or VME64x backplane and two power supplies. The power supplies provide 28-V dc input per MIL-STD704. One-and three-phase 115 V ac at 400 Hz are also available. Custom configurations are available as well. Visit www.hybricon.com.

The Senso-Case is designed for one-handed measuring, controlling, or signaling operations in a wide variety of applications. Users can grip the handle in their palm while operating pushbuttons with their thumb. The recessed control panel can hold membrane and silicone keyboards, pushbuttons, or display modules. Fastening pillars can be adjusted for the direct installation of printed-circuit boards and pushbuttons or displays. For standalone use, designers can fit the handle section with a battery holder for two AA batteries or a single 9-V battery. Or, they can opt for a strain relief for cable operation. For more information, go to www.okw.co.uk.

The ElBox from Eldon Group features several improvements over the TEN and TED series that it replaces. The 400- and 500mm deep versions will ship as unassembled flat-packs, which will be easier to transport and store until needed. The 600-mm deep version will be pre-mounted at the factory. Both sides of the ElBox are removable, making component installation much easier. When the steel or glass door is closed, the side panels automatically lock in position, preventing unauthorized access to the contents. To learn more, check out www.eldon-enclosures.com.

Focus on Materials





CPS Corp.

Aluminum-silicon-carbide/metal matrix composite

Provides reliable, cost-effective housing, interconnection, and thermal management for microelectronic, optoelectronic, and power devices; adjustable coefficient of expansion

Contact the company for pricing

CYRO Industries

Acrylite Plus/acrylic molding compound

Highly transparent, lightweight, impact-resistant; suitable for optical electronics applications; pricing nine grades for specific applications, including chemical resistance and processability

Contact the company for pricing

Chomerics, division of Parker Hannifin

Therm-A-Gap 569 and 579/thermal gap-filler material

Ultra-soft; increased conformability; preformed thicknesses, molded solutions also available; UL-V0 flammability rating; RoHS-compliant

Contact the company for pricing

Dupont Microcircuit Materials

Seventh-Generation (7G) Fodel/photo-imageable thick-film pastes

For metallization of front bus electrode in plasma display panels; improved image quality; lowers costs by requiring less paste and reduced precious metal content; lead-free

Contact the company for pricing

GE Plastics

Ultem 5000B/film

For insulating tapes, laminates, speaker diaphragms and voice coils, high-temp barcode- pricing labels, and flat flexible heaters; comes in black or amber, 22- to 750-mm gauges; flame-resistant; low moisture absorption; excellent dielectric properties

Contact the company for pricing

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