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Rugged Avionics Chassis Houses VME Boards

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Targeted at leading-edge fighter and helicopter applications, the 3/4ATRS is an 8-slot ARINC 404A-comnpliant avionics enclosure is the later member of the firm's family of ATRs for conduction cooled VME boards. The enclosure offers the latest VME64 extensions capabilities in a compact, industry-standard 3/4ATR footprint. The lightweight construction means the typical chassis, backplane and PSU weighs just 5.9 kg. Additional flexibility includes line replaceable 250W power supplies supporting individual aircraft specifications, and removable I/O panels, which provide a fast track route to program specific connector configurations. Mounting is to the ARINC 404A standard with ARINC 404A/ARINC 600 style cooling utilizing an air intake through the base of the chassis. A fully balanced airflow is made possible through heat exchangers bonded into the hollow chassis wall.

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