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Rugged COM Express Carrier Board Tests Individual Functions

Rugged COM Express Carrier Board Tests Individual Functions

The XC15 from MEN Micro is a carrier board for rugged COM Express modules. The evaluation and development platform can test required functions individually to ensure the appropriate settings are being used for each application. One VGA, two LVDS, and three DisplayPort connectors are offered, as well as four onboard SATA connectors and two CAN interfaces. It supports the microATX form factor and can be operated in a PC system. Additional USB ports allow for the connection of USB-driven Flash disk to complement memory storage. The board offers a variety of interfaces including one COM Express slot, seven PCI Express card slots, and an onboard PCI Express Graphics (PEG) interface on a standard PCIe x16 connector. It has an extended temperature range of -40°C to 85°C and an aluminum frame for shock and vibration resistance.


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