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Rugged Panel Mount Keyboard Integrates A Mouse Pointer

Intended for use in commercial and industrial markets, the molded elastomer technology panel mount QWERTY keyboard and point mouse meets a variety of computer control and instrumentation requirements. A military-grade version is also available.
The rugged, full-size keyboard has 104 keys and is similar to most desktop PC keyboards. The unit also has a built-in pointer-mouse, a pressure-sensitive device compatible with GUI programs, that has two activation buttons for left and right mouse clicks and interfaces through a standard PS/2 connection. The device can be activated by fingertip pressure in the desired direction of display cursor movement.
The keyboard comes in charcoal black or gray base colors with plastic keycaps that provide a tactile feel. It is fully sealed and capable of resisting dust and water to NEMA-4 ratings. Custom legends for foreign markets are also available. A single, unlighted keyboard is priced at $489.


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