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Rugged PC/104 Computer Board Sports Four Serial Ports

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With four on-board serial communication ports, the AIM104-386EX single-board PC gives designers the flexibility that comes with a PC/104 interface. Based on a 33-MHz Intel 386EX embedded processor, the board's connectivity roster includes three RS-232 ports (one 16450 and one 16550) and a non-isolated RS-485 port (16550). The maximum rate is 115 kbaud.The ruggedized unit is capable of extended temperature operation from-40°C to 70°C. On the board is 1 Mbyte of SRAM, as well as 1 Mbyte of factory- installed flash memory. The ROM-DOS 6.22 operating system and the company's Flash Filing System software are pre-installed- the latter is a BIOS extension that allows the flash memory to function as if it were a bootable read/write hard drive. For time and date, the unit has a Y2K-compliant real-time clock (Dallas Semiconductor's DS1302), which can be backed up by an off-board battery. The event timer offers an end-of-power-down interrupt and can trigger periodic recovery from power-down mode for low average current draw.

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