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Ruggedized COTS Enclosures Provide Robust Cooling

A new 8U rackmount COTS enclosure has been designed with a high-quality ruggedized construction and a compact stackable design for vertically mounted cards. The RME821M enclosure comes with either a basic or a high-performance cooling option. Basic cooling handles most applications and delivers 210 LFM average per slot, sufficient cooling for 40W per slot. High-performance cooling provides additional cooling for demanding high-power applications and delivers 310 LFM per slot, sufficient cooling for 60W per slot. The enclosures are designed to meet MIL-STD-461 EMI radiated and conducted emissions and susceptibility standards by using gasketing at all seams and 1" thick honeycomb panels at both air intake and exhaust openings. A chassis supports the addition of an RP2 overlay board or 80 mm rear transition area. Provisions are included for shielded connectors for I/O. The enclosure comes with 21-slot CompactPCI, VME64x, VME, or VXS backplanes and up to 1,200W of embedded power. Patented CoolSlot air deflecting card guides improve airflow. A front panel LCD display monitors voltages, fans and temperature with RS-232, Ethernet, and SNPM support. Pricing starts at $8,999. HYBRICON CORP., Ayer, MA. (877) 492-7426.


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