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RWW NOR Flash Reduces System Costs

Targeted for use in cellular phones, the TC58FVT/B321 32-Mb, read while write (RWW) NOR flash device is claimed to reduce system-level cost and board area by eliminating the need for an additional EEPROM chip normally required to store telephone numbers and other parameters. The new device is similar in functionality and pin-compatible with the company's TC58FVT/B641 64-Mb RWW NOR device. A RWW NOR flash device is said to consist of two or more flash-memory arrays on a single die. One array can be used to store data while code is executed in another array. Using a nine-bank architecture that allows reading from any other bank not in use for writing or reading, the device is organized with one 64-KB bank, one 448-KB bank, and seven 512-KB banks. Top and bottom boot-block architectures are also available. Other features of the new device include an operating voltage range from 2.7V to 3.6V, an access time of 100 ns, and a design rule of 0.2 µm. The TC58FVT/B321 is also touted as having one of the industry's smallest memory cell sizes. Single unit pricing is $30 each.


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