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SAASM-Based GPS Receiver Comes In Any Format

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Capable of meeting a wide range of operating requirements in test or tactical battlefield environments, the TruTrak SAASM-based GPS receiver is available in any form factor and can be delivered in 120 days or less. Based on technology developed for IEC projectile GPS receivers, the new GPS receiver can track up to 12 satellites simultaneously while providing C/A and P(Y)-code signal acquisitions in less than three seconds.Designed for use in harsh environments, the receiver is capable of withstanding a 15-ms, 15.5-kg setback and 5 kg of lateral gun shock. The receiver can be operated coupled to an optional 6-DOF external inertial measurement unit. Operation and control of the receiver is via a serial line or an on-board RS-422 interface. For additional information and pricing, contact INTERSTATE ELECTRONICS CORP.,Anaheim, CA. (714) 758-0500.

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