Electronic Design

Samsung Unveils 82-in. Ultra-Definition LCD Panel

An 82-in. LCD TV panel with ultra-definition (3840- by 2160-pixel) resolution at a 120-Hz refresh rate was one of several products introduced by Samsung Electronics Co. at the SID International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition. The UD panel’s 120-frame/s rate minimizes the blurring that is sometimes experienced at 60 Hz. An added RGB LED backlight raises true color saturation to 150%, based on the NISC standard of 100%.

Samsung also introduced an 82-in. “e-board” with a multi-touch screen, which is targeted to replace whiteboards and beam projectors. The board was created using a 60-Hz LCD panel with built-in UD resolution and is the largest panel of its kind with a multi-touch screen, according to the company.

Additionally, Samsung exhibited a multi-view digital information display (DID) that delivers 3D images without requiring special glasses. The company believes that this display can establish a new niche market apart from other DIDs previously introduced.


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