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SBC Built To Excel In Compute-Intensive Industrial Settings

By melding an Intel Pentium processor plus five other important features on a 5.75" x 8.0" EBX-compatible platform, the EBC-BX is said to combine all of the ingredients needed to handle compute-intensive assignments. In addition to its low-power, 700-MHz Pentium III CPU with core logic functions and 256 KB of on-die L2 cache, the new single-board computer also offers: a video controller with CRT and flat panel support; a 10/100-Mbps Ethernet controller; four serial channels; 48 bi-directional digital I/O lines; and solid-state disk support. Also found on-board is Intel's 440BX system controller chipset, which additionally provides the core logic that makes the board PC/AT compatible. The SBC supports USB, PC/104 and PC/104Plus expansion, as well as Windows CE.NET/XP, Linux, and what is called a vast software tool set, including web servers, device drivers, and libraries. On-board memory includes up to 256 MB of system SDRAM installed as standard 168-pin SIMM devices. The industrial-grade board can operate over a -40°C to +60°C temperature range and requires only a 5V supply to operate. It typically draws 3.4A with 128 MB of SDRAM. The EBC-BX costs $1,095, with a 400-MHz Celeron version also available for $895. For more details, contact Bob Burckle at WINSYSTEMS INC., Arlington, TX. (817) 274-7553.


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