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SBC Claims Full MMX Pentium Desktop Performance

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A small form-factor industrial-grade single-board computer (SBC), SBC-MaX is said to offer the functionality of a desktop MMX machine. It includes an MMX Pentium CPU running at up to 200 MHz, C&T's 65555 advanced video controller, 100BaseT Ethernet, 16-bit Sound Blaster audio, and two universal serial bus (USB) ports. The board supports flat panel graphics for passive color LCDs, and the 32-bit 65555 PCI chip includes up to 4M video memory for high color depth in all resolutions and operating systems. And its Temporal Modulated Energy Distribution technology enables the display of 16.7 million flicker-free color images on color STN LCDs. The 65555 also supports NTSC overlay capabilities on flat panels which is useful for displaying video windows over graphics or full-screen video.

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