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SBC Combines Graphics, Networking And Audio

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Designed as a compact solution for embedded applications, the PHOTON single-board computer (SBC) is based on the AMD AM5x86-P75 running at an internal clock rate of 133 MHz. It supports up to 128 MB of DRAM via a single 72-pin SIMM socket, 1-MB of flash standard, and has two 144-MB flash expansion options. The PHOTON uses the ALi Finali PCI chipset that contains an integrated PCI Bus EIDE controller with a high performance IDE interface allowing up to two IDE devices such as hard drives and CD-ROM readers. Also used are the C&T 69000 video controller with 2-MB of video memory supporting CRT and LCD displays simultaneously. Resolutions are up to 1280 x 1024 pixels with 256 colors. The board includes a standard 15-way D-type connector for CRT interfacing and dual headers for interfacing LCD panels up to 36 bits and a dedicated connector for most LCDs. The video BIOS can be upgraded to support new panels. An ESS1869 controller provides stereo Soundblaster compatibility with line and speaker outputs. The board has a jack connection for standard stereo line output and headers for alternative interfacing. A PCI 10/100BaseT Ethernet port is also included.

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