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SBC Comes With Celeron µP And PICMG Compliance

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A low-cost computer board with a 64-bit Celeron microprocessor in a PPGA370 socket, the PCI-946 offers the advanced performance of the P6 micro-architecture for embedded applications. The Celeron processor comes in 300 to 433 MHz speed grades and has 128KB of L2 pipelined burst cache that is full CPU core speed and ECC capable. The SBC also packs the 440BX AGPset, up to 768 MB of memory and high-performance PCI Ultra DMA/33 IDE, CompactFlash disk and DiskOnChip support. Also on-board are a 64-bit AGP SVGA CRT controller with 2 or 4 MB of SDRAM and universal serial bus (USB) ports, serial/parallel ports, and floppy interface. Optional are 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet and Ultra Fast/Wide SCSI 3 controllers.

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