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SBC Delivers Up To 900 MFLOPS

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Employing a Texas Instruments TMS320C6711 32-bit, floating-point DSP, the 100 mm x 160 mm SBC6711 single-board computer can execute up to 1,200 MIPS at a clock rate of 150 MHz. The SBC is capable of operating autonomously and the on-board processor can perform up to 900 MFLOPS.
Features include 16 MB of cache-controlled synchronous code/data RAM, a DDS high-resolution DC to 40 MHz timebase, 1 MB of reprogrammable flash memory, USB interface, two serial ports, and a glueless memory interface capable of interfacing to SDRAM, SBSRAM and asynchronous peripherals. Development is performed on a Windows PC and C++ source-level debugging is supported via a dedicated, 10 Mb/s JTAG debugger port.

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